(Tower of) London calling

A contribution from my friend, Miss L, taken against the backdrop of London's Tower Of London.
I like to imagine that this mitten has a severed human hand inside it – THE HAND OF A TRAITOR.


Blackpool rocks

This is a very exciting day for Glove On The Rocks Inc. For today we publish our FIRST EVER reader-generated post. It has come all the way from Blackpool, Lancashire, and the lonely accessory we salute today was found by the lovely Julia in Stanley Park, specifically – and, as Julia notes, ironically – in the Remembrance Garden.

NOBODY REMEMBERED THIS GLOVE, DID THEY? No. And now somebody will have one cold hand, and they deserve it.

Anyway. I am going to let Julia describe it, as she does it so beautifully:

"I like the dainty positioning of thumb and forefinger, which looks as though it ought to have the handle of a delicate china teacup in it."

Cruelly interrupted in the act of taking tea. A fate none of us would welcome.

Send me some gloves. Email your sightings here.