O Canada

Zoë found this glove for us in Newfoundland, Canada. If you ever want to find something, I guess that's the place to go.

Anyway. She says: 'I found this chippy specimen at the start of a 15km hike. I couldn't decide whether it was sticking two fingers up at the very notion of such an enterprise and thus was happy to be left behind, or whether that's really a V for victory after conquering the rather tricky terrain.'

Found at: Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada


My Daddy Was A Bank Robber

He wasn't at all. He worked entirely within the law.

But this glove was dropped outside a branch of Lloyds bank.

And who wears gloves to the bank in July apart from someone who is up to no good?

Found: Lloyds bank, Lordship Lane, southeast London.


The Show Must Go On

I saw this at last weekend's Lambeth Country Show.

I love the Lambeth Country Show. You can read more about our special day together here, if you like. Or about our complicated history here and here.

This is an all-action kind of a glove. No cosy woollen knit here. I'm worried someone misplaced it on their way to perform death-defying motorcycle stunts in the main arena. I hope this was not their epitaph.


School's Out

This one's a teeny bit blurry, but I'm posting it because I'm nothing if not a benevolent god. It comes from my friend, J, a headteacher in Leeds. She sent it to me a few months ago, but I've quite deliberately saved it till school's-out-for-summer season. Yes, definitely that, and absolutely not because I'm massively behind with posting things. Hell, no.

It is, as Jane says, a 'discarded glove under the school gates, pointing two fingers in the direction of school'.

Like, yeah. Hey teacher, leave those kids alone.

(I don't include Jane in that last sentence. She's my awesome friend.)



This peach of a picture comes from the lovely Helen, who spotted this, and I quote, 'rather pathetic specimen' while in the West Sussex countryside over Easter. Yes, I am a little behind with the posting. Deal with it.

She continues, 'The temperature, the remoteness of the location and the time of year leads me to suspect that this glove is destined to hang, uncollected, for some time to come. I was sorely tempted to stuff it full of leaves in an attempt to create a kind of 'pointing finger' signpost effect, but I was afraid a group of professional-type walkers (probably with laminated maps and stout boots) would appear and tut at me disapprovingly, so I didn't.'

Give Greece A Chance

Today, another entry for the international dossier. Captured by my mum, on holiday in Greece.

She says: 'The attached was taken as I exited the tomb of Clytemnestra at Mycenae. As you know, but I admit I didn't, she was not a nice woman. I don't know if the missing digits are significant.'

I don't know either, but I know that I like the diamond knit. Reminds me of school socks. Not in a weird way.

Found at: the tomb of Clytemnestra, Mycenae, Greece