40 ways to leave your glove. Er...

I feel I need to apologise for the title of this post. If only I could have found these gloves on the number 50 bus instead. We would still have an appalling pun on our hands, but at least I could claim some degree of purity about it.

Found: on the no 40 bus


A rainy night in Soho...

...My birthday, actually. That has no relation to this white rubber glove.

Found: on Frith Street, London, W1.


It's not easy being green

I'm sorry, but this is an ugly glove. If it was mine, I would probably have dropped it on purpose.


Psycho killer

This glove is having its own Indiana Jones moment, trapped in a closing gate, looking for all the world like it's still attached to a human arm on the other side of the divide.

You can tell that the owner of this glove was up to no good because black leather gloves like these clearly mark their owner out as a psychopath.

Maybe he rolled through the gate in the nick of time, leaving this behind him, like some kind of Cinderella hell-bent on acts of cruelty and perversion.

Found: on East Dulwich Road, London


Left on the shelf

This is the barren plain of the wine shelves at Sainsbury's after New Year.

Found: In Sainsbury's, Lordship Lane, London.