This, sent in by my friend Miss L, is another one to file under 'creepy'. I think it's the rusting window bars, which carry an air of gloomy orphanage.

Perhaps the owner of the mitten was planning a breakout and was well wrapped up in preparation, but at the point of escape was hauled back inside by a mean old matron. This sad striped number was left on the windowsill as a stark warning to anyone planning to do the same.

Found: on Arabin Road, Brockley, south London

Piccadilly Palava

This from my dear friend and occasional colleague, Ms B:

A sheepskin number spotted on our glorious underground network, in what I would refer to as a 'vomit corner'. Let's hope it escaped unsplashed from any late-night unwellness.

Found: Eastbound Piccadilly Line platform, Green Park station, London


Street Life

Michael in Salford brings us this hat-and-glove combo, left on top of the mailboxes in his apartment building.

Michael says: 'What is slightly odd is that they are almost identical to those owned by a friend in the building – but they are not hers. Our current theory is that a doppelganger is slowly taking shape. We are expecting a coat next.'

This is a chilling notion, I think you'll agree, but one that we must take seriously. In a laboratory, this kind of metamorphosis is probably called glovagenics. Here, who knows? Glovalogical mutation?

In other Salford news, Michael tells us that the cobbles visible outside were once used in an episode of Coronation Street. It gladdens my heart to think that those stones may have come into contact with the Hush Puppies of one of my personal heroes, Roy Cropper.

Roy Cropper would not be so careless as to lose one of his gloves.


Your Cheating Hat

I know this is breaking the rules, but when I saw two beautifully positioned hats in as many days, I couldn't resist posting them.

Found at: More London Riverside No I Can't Believe It's Really Called That Either

Found at: Thomas More Square, east London

What can I say? I am nothing if not weak.

This act of self-indulgence is particularly shameful because I have had a veritable flurry of gloves sent to me recently, which I will be posting over the next few weeks. The onset of Actual Official Spring seems to have made people particularly careless with their knitted accessories.


Sign Of The Times

Yes, sir, The Times is a fascinating newspaper, but don't let it make you forget your gloves.

Strictly speaking, not Found but merely observed at: North Dulwich station


Last Chance On The Stairwell

SJL, our Edinburgh correspondent, brings us this haunting sight:

In her own words: 'I dread to think what grizzly fate befell the small owner of this blue fleecy hat. Chilling evidence of how he was set upon from an Edinburgh stairwell has been left behind...'

Further proof: wherever evil lurks, a pair of black leather gloves will not be far away.


The Hangover

This entry comes from Daure, who draws attention to the mangled lid of an alcopop bottle in the corner of the frame.

I suspect this glove was deserted by its former partner following some delinquent late-night behaviour. It certainly looks like it slept in a hedge.

Let's hope it's now doing some hard thinking about what it's done.

Found: Tesco car park, Baldock, Hertfordshire


Three… is the magic number

The lovely Hannah sent me three gloves some time ago, and since then I have been wrestling with whether to make separate posts out of them – as they are all quite beautiful examples of the genre – or whether to combine them as some sort of lost-and-found triptych. Blogging is full of these long dark nights of the soul.

Now I think that I can't quite bear to split them up, so here they are, a threesome waiting in vain for the ones who left them behind, like the Sugababes in wool form.

Found: remote railway station

Found: Someone's garden, Oxford

Found: Cherry Tree Wood, East Finchley


When Will I Sea You Again?

Today, a beautiful sunset-graced submission from the enormo-talented Mr J Finnemore.

Someone, somewhere is not getting their deposit back when they take the pink Monster Munch monster costume back to the hire shop.

Found: Sandgate, Kent