White Lines (Don't Do It)

I've got a bit behind with the glove posting lately, which is a shame because this one, from Ceddis in Edinburgh, is a beauty.

I particularly love the composition of this – the white line stretching into the distance, and the sinister shadow-people. It's a bit 28 Days Later. Probably. I haven't actually seen it.

Found: On the bike path, next to the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London


New York, New York

Sound a tiny toy trumpet because today Glove On The Rocks Inc. is thrilled to reveal its very first international contribution, sent to us by Dauré all the way from New York City. Yes, the New York City THAT IS IN AMERICA.

These gloves sit jauntily on a pair of brooms on a street sweeper's cart. Maybe they actually belong to the street sweeper. But I prefer to believe they were lost and he gathered them up and displayed them as some kind of trophy. Because who can resist a picture as fabulous as this? Not me, that's for sure.

Found: 5th Avenue, New York, USA


York This Way

You know how it is. You wait ages for a stray glove, and then, on a glorious walk in the March sunshine, three come along at once. That's exactly what happened to Lizzy. Here are her findings:

The last one is my personal favourite. I love the way this leather and leopard-print number (pretty slutty for a glove, I'd say) is appearing to cup the arse area of the jeans it's draped over. Cheeky.

Found: Various locations (including Debenhams), York