Smell The Glove

Vicky brings disturbing evidence to GOTR HQ. An animal has defiled this glove, which was discarded by builders working on her house.

Our finest poo experts are attempting to identify the animal responsible – fox or cat? – but this much is clear: this beast has ideas above its station. It's not the first time it's got down to its business on a glove, rather than deigning to use the grass.

I never said this blog was going to be easy reading.



Mrs Haines brings us this offering, captured close to some manner of rescue apparatus on one of London's bridges.

It struck me that someone might have torn off their gloves in order to better perform a heroic feat of life-saving. Mrs Haines, however, has a more creative interpretation. She says: 'It was probably left by one of the builders in the area, but its three-fingered formation makes me wonder if someone from The Simpsons is moonlighting on the Tate Modern extension.'

Found: on Southwark Bridge, London