Drive My Car

This from Richard, our Paris correspondent:

This chic leather number was draped across the bonnet of a small Citroen outside the swanky Hotel de Crillon, next to the Federation Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, the governing body for world motorsport

Richard says: 'Note how the glove is not just placed, but seems to be reasuringly patting the little car, as if saying, "Don't worry... you may be small and there may be all these big German and Italian sports cars around looking beautiful but you can do things that they can't!"

I didn't stay around to learn what those things were.'

Found at: Place de la Concorde, Paris

Train in vain


Found: on platform 14, London Bridge station


You've Lost That Oven Feeling

This from the award-winning Mr Finnemore:

In all my days of lost-glove recording, I never imagined we would one day enter the realm of heat protection, but we live in strange and wonderful times.

As the sender says: 'Annoying, isn't it, when you go to get something out of the oven, in your kitchen in a different house at the other end of the High Street, and by the time you get there...'

Found in: Wern, Shropshire


Who Wants To Live Forever

I'm indebted to Patrick for sending me this picture of the Boston subway system where, as he puts it, 'the gloves go to become immortal'.

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. I like this.