From Rocher with love

This marvellous entry comes from Jane, who says: ‘This solitary glove may have been a casualty of a rush to grab sufficient supplies of the Ambassador’s finest. Or, alternatively, perhaps the owner took the “share something special” strapline on the box to heart and sacrificed it for the colourful benefit of others?’

Found in: Sainsbury’s, Kingston


It was a berry good year

I love this festive offering from Susan who speculates that the tiny pink mitten fell from a buggy as its owner attempted to relieve a passing bush of some red fruits 'in a buggy-by fruiting (like a drive-by shooting, but safer & more nutritious)'.

Found in: Hammersmith, west London

Spare us the gutter...

Classic woolly two-fingered salute spotted by the lovely Michael and posted by the deeply tardy me.

Found: next to Sacred Trinity Church, Salford